EDUCATION / ELLEN JAMES + the will to live center 


We designed and implemented several workshops for kids with funcional diversity in Hanoi - Vietnam 2011

The Will to Live Center is a Social Enterprise that operates in the field of supporting and assisting the handicapped’s integration completely through training, orienting and consulting in order to help disabled people find suitable jobs and sources to consume their products. By enabling their autonomy, they buid up their confidence, find it easy to integrate into community and lessen social and familial burdens. 

We spend a period of four months in southeast Asia designing and conducting several workshops on creativity skills for them. We encounter a group of learners with a really high technical skills using both hardware and software, but also with a significant lack of confidence in relation to their creative capabilities. For that reason the workshops we developed for The Will to Live Center we were focused on improving their creativity skills through design, filming using techniques such as stop-motion and exploring several aspects of storytelling. We also engage in using small cameras and toy cameras to explore new aesthetics while using accessible and manageable devices. 

Self-financing initiatives were at an early stage and it was necessary to help them to push forward their goals and aspirations using available resources. The final result of the workshops were 3 corporate co-created videos that were premiered in Hanoi in front of an audience of more than 500 people. From that learning processes, the participants started acquiring the skills that allow them today to continue at the present time producing more videos for the public Vietnamese Tv, increasing the self-financing services and securing the future of the organization.