We have been invited as curators of the Sarajevo Winter Festival in 2011 and 2012 and brought around 20 spanish artist to the city.

We will always be proud to have premiered our first documentary at the same space where Susan Sontag premiered Wainting for Godot during the siege in 1992 and where Jean Luc- Godard shoot his masterclass recorded in his film "Notre Musique".


Long time ago, the italian filmmaker Federico Fellini said in an interview that there’s two kind of people; those who work in order to earn money to live, and those who live in order to enforce their vocation. Of course, Fellini was the second kind of person, and all the filmmakers selected for this exhibition also create in order to explore and extend their vocation and talent. All the films we offer you now could not have been done without love. And our love to their work and to your city are the main motors of our will to show you this little sample of spanish contemporary films from the 9th-12th February 2011 at the Academy of Performing Arts of Sarajevo+ INFO

DAY 1 

Vampir, Pere Portabella (75’)

Paisajes después de la Bataille, Andrea Martínez (4’22’’)

Alone, Gerard Freixes (3’)

One hundreed rooms, Ivan Castineiras (6’)

2M, Ángel Santos (2’46’’)

La horda, Oriol Sánchez (8’)


Las Variaciones Marker, Isaki Lacuesta (35’)

Rejected, Irene Coll (5’ 11’’)

El reloj de la audiéncia da la una, David Borrull (3’ 34’’)

Sick howlings from Babylon, Alex Kozak (4’08’’)

Chus Butterfly dance, Carles H. Magnet (7’, 12’’)

Fantasmas #1, Ángel Santos (9’)

Trinidad, Roberto Equisoain (7’ 23’’)


Tremolous Light, Enric Maurí (35’)

The Kiss, Moon Ribas (11’)

Trayecto 1.1, Isaac Gimeno (6’28’’)

The Golden Squid, David Borrull (3’15’’)

Trayecto 1.2, Isaac Gimeno (6’06’’)

Mat de Lille wakes up again or a secon adolescence,

Alberto García del Castillo (3’54’’)

Trayecto 1.3, Isaac Gimeno (3’10’’)

Ender, ellen james (2’50’’)

Action Memory, Enric Maurí (11’56’’)


Cançó Popular, ellen james (35’)

¿Dónde está el espíritu?, Oriol Sánchez (5’)

Haikus, Annie Montero (10’)

Els dorments, Olatz Vilariño (2’)

Through the window, Paula Gimeno, Pol Creuheras (6’)

La casa del meu pare, Raquel Cors (2’ 23’’)

L.A.K Love, Sergio Roger (4’)


sarajevo 2011_2.png

Spit up suck down: contemporary photography to debate (2012)

As the current wave of postmodernism rages against the dying of the light, at a moment when it appears that anyone can consider themselves to be a photogrpher, it seems somewhat necessary to take stock of the latest crop of image makers and offer a moment of reflection and debate about the meaning of photography today. In the incredible space that is Collegium Artisticum of Sarajevo, ellen james has the great pleasure of presenting "Spit up suck down: contemporary photography to debate", a cycle of projections and debates which took in Sarajevo from the 9th-11th February 2012. + INFO


Semiotic Narratives and Landscapes

A reflection on new narrative formats, and the treatment of reality and the signifier in contemporary photography.
*Conference chaired by Tanit Plana.

LURDES R. BASOLÍ, “Caracas. The City of Lost Bullets” 

RUT PANUSÉ, “Shoot in white” 

TEO VÁZQUEZ, “Teo’s journey” 

ARNAU VIDAL, “Untitled (2011)”

JON CAZENAVE, “Galerna” 

TOMEU COLL, “Nevermind in Sovietland” 


The gaze of the voyeur.

Taking a historical view of the most pioneering figures in the genres of portraiture and self-portraiture in order to uncover their respective mysteries.
*Conference chaired by Irene Coll and Josep Almirall.

IRENE COLL, “In-Windows”

MONTSE MARMOL, “Little Love Stories”

JON URIARTE, “They are not them”

LOURDES CABRERA, “The Bedroom. Three Stories”


PAULA GIMENO, “Mirrors and self-portraits”


Light at the crossroads.
A journey through photographic formats, from photographs captured on mobile phones to those created by old photographic techniques, and taking in toy cameras and instant photography (Polaroids), we will review the diverse uses of photographic genres at the crossroads of the contemporary.
* Conference chaired by Marta Delatte

LAIA BLESA, “Impossible Landscapes”

JOSEP ALMIRALL, “Love it or leave it”

LARA VERA, “My Holiday in a Roll of Film”

ELLEN JAMES ;, “I do not remember”

PAULA GIMENO, “Scenes. The American film noir”

JONTXO ENTZIONDO, “I found myself flying”