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Innovation happens through collaborative networks of inspiring people, and we consider our community to be a reliable partner, a highly recommended group of professionals, and a powerful transactive memory. We are huge fans of the open source culture and we want to practise that culture from a business perspective. 


Stephen Eichhorn


Photographer, Multi Platform Storyteller, Creative Editor & Book Maker.  

With a journalist background, Abril expanded her career in the creative field during her residency at FABRICA, meanwhile, she worked at COLORS Magazine as a staff photographer and consultant photo editor. Her multi-platform long-term project on Eating Disorders and femininity have been exhibited worldwide. Her work has been appraised and recognized internationally in media as The New York Times Magazine, the Sunday Times, Le Monde or the Guardian as she has been nominated to the Joop Swart Masterclass, Magnum Foundation or Huf Paul Foam Award amongst many others. Abril also founded together with the Art Director Ramon Pez a Book Making Team, and her personal monographs included Thinspiration  (2012), Tediousphilia (2014) and The Epilogue (2014) recently shortlisted at the Aperture-Paris Photo Book Award. Abril is represented by INSTITUTE  + INFO  

Stephen Eichhorn


Creative & Executive Chef  

Oscar is a curious chef with many travel experiences behind him: he has lived in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and San Sebastián. He is currently developing his new restaurant, located in the center of Barcelona. In 2012, he won first prize in the V Concurso Espíritu de Equipo de la Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Madrid. He has worked in restaurants like La Romana and the prestigious Arzak, where he divided his time between R & D Workshop and the kitchens. All this experience shapes LaCookina, his small producer of gourmet audiovisual content. + INFO 

Rafael r.villalobos

Opera Director & Multidisciplinari Designer 

Focused in opera field, he has been the youngest director to win the prestigious European Prize for Opera Directors in Vienna, as well as being finalist of the Independent Opera Fellowship in London. He has attended a BA program at the Royal School of Dramatic Arts (Madrid) and a MA in Music Studies at University of Barcelona and the College of Music of Catalonia, as well as further studies at the Central School of Speech and Drama (London). After presenting works in Barcelona (A Welcome Guest) and Wiesbaden (Noye’s Fludde) , future engagements include productions for major opera houses such as Teatro Real (Madrid) and AsLiCo (Italy). As a multidisciplinary designer, he has also collaborated in media, flamenco, fashion or cabaret projects. He loves building in wood, sewing and cooking lasagna, which makes him to be a perfect potencial husband for your cute male single friends.   + INFO

albert mundet 

Science Journalist, Media Consultant, Swing Dancing

Physicist and Creative, he is passionate about knowledge and its impact into society. His professional experience has involved Media, Science, New Technologies and Art. Passion for constant learning and to-do attitude lead him to hold positions as TV Scriptwriter, TV Editor, Video Producer, Science & Technology Journalist, and Corporate Communication & Marketing Manager. He also take pictures - If you like them you can buy them at the storeHe earned a Master of Arts in Media Studies and Media Management from The New School University (NY) under he prestigious Fulbright Fellowship Program. His final project was the creation of a business development plan for two different projects: Stereotheque, a music discovery app based on music scenes; and for HiCard, a mobile platform to send Collaborative Digital Postcards. He also teaches swing dancing.  + INFO 


Queer punk riot  

Vegan Chef & Pastry Chef, Activist and Blogger 

Tired of the haute cuisine, full of torture for humans and other animals, she decides to start working as far as possible from the standardized food system. She combines the hours behind the stove at La Federica, a well-known vegan and queer friendly restaurant in Barcelona, with her work on educational counselling and LGBTQ+ activism. She runs a successful blog at Queerpunkriot and coordinates with Alba Medrano the project Gloria Bendita, with the aim of giving a space for the rethinking of affection, desire, and erotic imagery from a feminist and sex positive perspective.   + INFO

Stephen Eichhorn’s

guillermo blasco  

Mathematician & Computer Scientist

Mathematician, computer scientist and poet/writer part time all three, what means a too busy guy, but as he says quoting Blake "You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough". I've studied Mathematics and Software Engineering at University of Barcelona both together and took me 5 years and a half. My final project was about distributed computation of statistical algorithms (the actual title of the project is quite cryptic, so that's enough). That's all for the moment. But I'm targeting masters in semantic web, machine learning and distributed systems to continue my academic studies, because a long term project is to apply to a PhD in whatever interesting and useful for somebody. Activist of open software, open standards and open data. He loves mathematical models, hackathons, mad projects, get the things done, discovering, learning and, for sure, cats. + INFO

Stephen Eichhorn


Writer, Journalist and Cultural Mediator with a gender perspective. 

Specialized in Arab-Muslim world, islamophobia and gendered islamophobia, she collaborates with institutions and programs such as the 'Pla Barcelona Interculturalidad'  (Barcelona City Council), the School for Equality and the Empowerment of Women (Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council), the Centre d'Art Santa Monica (Barcelona),  Educaislam, or Casa Arabe, among others. Daughter of migrants, she has lived most of her life in Morocco. Professionally, she has specialized in building intercultural dialogues from cultural journalism, social communication and literature. She regularly publish in media such as, Periodico Diagonal, Pikara Magazine and La Directa among others. Her writings have been translated into Italian and French. She is part of the associations Red Musulmanas and RIQE (Network for the Inclusion of the Queer in Spiritualities) + INFO 

Stephen Eichhorn

Annie montero

Film and TV Director & Producer  

She attended CECC film school in Barcelona and has a Bachelors degree in Audiovisual Communication. In the past years, she has worked as Production Manager for several local, european and international projects, -such as the video production for the museum MWC - Mobile World Congress- and TV networks. The most remarcable projects as Production Manager are Caràcter (TV3) hosted by Bibiana Ballé and This is Opera (TVE) hosted by Ramon Gener. She also has worked as Production Assistant at Salvados (La Sexta) hosted by Jordi Évole.   + INFO 


Communication Expert  

In dealing with communication I ask myself whether we actually convey the messages we assume we are conveying. After more than 20 years I keep on finding different answers to this question and coming out with brand new questions, first offline and now online. I enjoy exploring that no matter what complex channels, devices and styles we use, we always fulfill simple communication necessities, even if they appear ultramodern. Online communication specialist, they say. Trying to convey messages, I say. I have lived and worked for public and private media organizations in Barcelona, Montevideo, Yangon and Rome. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism (UAB, Barcelona) and hold a Master Degree in Communication for Development (Malmö University, Malmö). My thesis explored the role of digital media in the democratization of Myanmar.  I currently work as an online video consultant within the UN system. + INFO 


Sound Engineer, Documentary Filmmaker and Activist

Trans activist, sound engineer and documentary filmmaker based in Barcelona. He studied cinema in ESCAC and is now working as a freelance sound technician in close collaboration with La Bonne (Women’s Cultural Center Francesca Bonnemaison) where he has participated in diverse projects that range from theatrical sound engineering, to sound design in shorts and documentaries - such as the european project “She Culture” - and recording, mixing and producing songs - like he did for Les Salonnieres, a performance group residing in La Bonne. He is currently working in a soundscape for the TransLocacions project of Arts Santa Mónica, and the sound design for a galician rural documentary. As a trans activist, he coordinates the project Cultura Trans, from where they try to showcase other imaginaries about trans* people through art, media and culture. + INFO 

oscar nin  

Web & Social Media Content Curator & Manager

Art Historian specialized in non-objectual art and -isms. Situationist at the 'Economato' group. Communication expert and digital provocateur who has worked for Sonar Festival. Community Manager and Content Curator for mainstream music groups, fashion designers and artists. 
Besides comissioned work for business and institutions he also gives, lectures and workshops on Music and Popular Culture, Contemporary Art History, Digital Curation, Positioning, Media Strategy, Communication Tools, Wild Marketing & Digital Terrorism. He is CEO at indiesalatrena.  + INFO 




My main research interests center on spatial ecology and the impact of linear infrastructures in wildlife communities, mainly in amphibians. With a MSc in Ecology (University of Porto, Portugal) and now undertaking a PhD at University of Hull, I explore better solutions to maintain landscape connectivity in the UK for a European protected species. I'm linking my scientific interests with environmental graphic design and data exploration. By dealing with huge data sets I interpolate results from small to larger scales (temporally and spatially) using modeling techniques which enable me to understand natural patterns for future environmental sustainability and nature conservation. Nevertheless, I am an academic activist that believes that universities are places for knowledge, motivation and creativity. I support academic permeability and exchanging of data for fair and transparent decision making + INFO 

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