• DAY 1 // Semiotic narratives and landscapes.

A reflection on new narrative formats, and the treatment of reality and the signifier in contemporary photography.
*Conference chaired by Tanit Plana.

  • DAY 2 // The gaze of the voyeur.

Taking a historical view of the most pioneering figures in the genres of portraiture and self-portraiture in order to uncover their respective mysteries.
*Conference chaired by Irene Coll and Josep Almirall.

  •  DAY 3 // Light at the crossroads.

A journey through photographic formats, from photographs captured on mobile phones to those created by old photographic techniques, and taking in toy cameras and instant photography (Polaroids), we will review the diverse uses of photographic genres at the crossroads of the contemporary.
* Conference chaired by Marta Delatte

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