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Cuantofalta is a design and communication agency specialized in integrated solutions on branding, editorial and, web design.


Cuantofalta started a partnership with us to work on the specific UX/UI needs of their customers. Our work mainly focused on updating and redesigning interactions started with the top Showroom of contemporary furniture and interior design studio in Barcelona. Our mission was to lead the user experience implementation and facilitate the communication of all eleven members participating in the project. We worked as an integrated team inside the company facilitating a co-creation process for a period of 10 months helping the company to develop their new customer experience. En linea barcelona is a company with more than 30 years of experience. After successfully overcoming the strong pressure of the spanish economic crisis, the company whishes to substantially improve their digital strategy and organize their structure in order to boost their service leading position in Spain.

We conducted an internal research with in depth  interviews to all employees and directors to define the internal potential of the company, to open a collaborative discussion about the challenges ahead and, to collect the know-how of each area in relation to customers, problems and, working dynamics. We set up the scope of the project, the mission of each team player, the priority order of problems statements and the proposed solution for them, along with investment forecast for change and progress schedule.

One of the issues the firm was facing at the time was that shoppers often were not sure about what they were searching for. In both areas online and offline, the product discovery experience needed improvement in terms of clarity, simplicity and consistency. 

We focused our interventions in terms of customer and employee experience in the following areas:

new website // new store design // new customer reception protocols // new protocols to stimulate cross-selling between departments // new system sales commissions // redistribution of responsibilities and internal organization // setting schedules and contracts // production of visual materials  // translation service // editing and content creation // implementation and training for the start of activity in social networks // archiving & data access.

Despite the necessary resistance to change of some employees, the 50% increase of cross-selling between the sales team and the interior design team makes us very happy. Now the company digital structure and internal organization are ready to start thinking the next move, online sells and internationalization.

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